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Why Transition Care?

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Medical Expertise

At Porvoo, our patient’s recovery process is supervised by a team of adept medical professionals. Our center is equipped with all medical equipment required to support critical patient.

Home-Like Environment

We strongly believe that along with medical care a patient’s recovery process is enhanced by the surrounding environment. Our center is being designed keeping the above in mind. As a policy we encourage family meetings and family members staying with patients for reasonable time periods.

Affordable Quality Care

Porvoo provides the best-in-class medical care at an affordable rate.

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Medical Advantages of a Transition Care Centre

When patients get discharged from hospitals and return home, they lack the expert care and vigilance as provided at transition care centers. Hence, this necessitates the need for a highly supportive team of accomplished caregivers/nurses . . . Read more

Risks involved in taking patients home directly Post-Surgery

A lot of questions start popping in the minds of the patient and their loved ones once they hear the doctor/nurse say, “the patient needs Surgery”. What kind of surgery, how much will it cost, how serious it is, and most importantly what will happen once the surgery is over?... Read more

Mismanagement of Biomedical Waste: A Threat to Living Beings

With the increasing population, the country’s focus is also increasing towards facilities like sanitation, water allocation, electricity supply and food distribution. In terms to provide all these amenities, the major public service that gets ignored is Waste management. . . . Read more

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