Immediate Post-operative Care

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare.”

Immediate post-surgical or operative care plays an important role in the health care system. Post-operative care is the watchfulness towards a patient after surgery.

For such care, a home health care center is prominent to improve the health of the patient with better care transition as it offers a comprehensive home care model that follows an approach to deliver hospital settings along with the comfort of home.

How Porvoo Home Health Care Center helps you with
Post-operative Care

Soon after the patient is out of surgery and discharged they become vulnerable to the exterior environment. There would be high possibilities of being affected either physically or emotionally. To prevent any recurrence of serious disease or infection it’s vital to get special care, support and protection from clinical professional nurses and caregivers.

Porvoo provides nursing care services in Delhi for post-operative care. With the Porvoo home health care center services, you can avail of the service of ICU in a hospital setting along with the comfort of your home. At Porvoo, nurses & caregivers follow post-surgery guidelines for fast recovery by offering companionate care & provide one on one attention to the patient

To avoid unnecessary hospitalisation, Porvoo works with you & your family to make sure that an experienced caregiver is present around you as per your convenience at the centre. Depending on the patient’s health care needs, the nurse provides medication administration, monitoring and check-up care.

If the case seems to involve more complicated medical treatments and therapies over the course of recovery, then the patient is monitored by head nurses and on call doctors constantly.

Since the post-operative health care varies according to the nature of the operation and the condition of the patient, the health care will be personalized as per the instruction and a patient's need. Porvoo provides assistive and personal care along with critical care. The caregivers closely monitor health in the following ways:

  • Dedicated nursing of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and breathing
  • Avoid complications
  • Keep a check of the wound
  • Observe sleep disorder by a sleep study
  • Patient’s level of consciousness
  • Maintain the patient’s comfort with pain medication and body positioning

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